10 Best Small Business Website Design Tips

21 October 2013
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21 October 2013, Comments: 0

As a small business owner, developing a successful website may seem overwhelming. However, there are a few simple elements to incorporate into a website design that will help your company stand out among competitors. Keeping your audience at the top of your mind while designing the website should help achieve your goal. Ask yourself, “What would I want to see as a potential customer?” Here are ten simple web design tips to answer that question and enhance your small business website.sucessfulinternetmarketing

1. Engaging Content

Content is one of the most important aspects of a website. If the content doesn’t engage the reader, they’ll leave your site remembering nothing about your brand or services. Create interesting and informational content people want to read using your target keywords and descriptive language, and also include a call to action with a form of contact.

2. Regular Updates

Whether you’re updating content, blogs or photos, the search engines notice any engagement on the back end of your website. It’s important to keep things modern and up to date, to clinch a top ranking on the search engines.

3. Branding

Consumers will remember your company based on one thing- your brand. Be sure to carry your brand through the entire website. From the color scheme, logo, content wording and website URL, branding is the key in developing a successful website design.

4. Linking

Adding links from external websites to your main website or from your main website to other external sites is very important for a responsive web design.  Provide relevant links throughout your website to enhance usability for your audience. The search engines also pick up on the amount of both internal and external links, which can help your position on search engines as well.

5. Usability

Creating a user-friendly website will reduce a lot of hassle from the visitor’s end. The viewer should be able to navigate easily from page to page, have relevant information easily accessible to them and be able to find the contact informationsemfuzeWEBDESIGN-BADGE quickly.

6. Images  

Images add to the visual appeal of any website. If you are a small business catering to the consumer audience, it’s important to showcase your products on your website. Be sure to include high resolution images so viewers can recognize the quality in your products.

7. URL

The URL of your website is more important than people think. The URL should include your target keyword and reflect the brand within your small business. For example, if you are an interior design company, your URL would want to reflect that.

8. Mobile Accessibility

In this day and age, a large majority of web search is performed via mobile phones. Be sure your website is compatible for mobile access. Formatting from your website should appear the same way on a smart phone, including images, content and contact options.

9. Consider colors

Adding colors can really spice things up for a small business website, but it’s important to consider your reader. If colors are clashing and hard to read, people will spend no time trying to decipher content. Consider using black, dark grey or dark blue for content, with a light background to enhance the text.

Here is an interesting article about color palettes that increase engagement.

10.   Adopt Simplicity

While jiggling graphics and flashing lights may appeal to some, it’s safer to keep your website clean and simple. Don’t overcrowd content with images, and vice versa. Keep things structured and easy to understand. You want to be sure your reader doesn’t have to search too hard for the information you’re presenting.

If you are ready to get started with your new small business website, the choice is SEMfuze. As a leading Internet marketing and web design company, the artists at SEMfuze can develop a responsive web design so that you are gaining maximum business potential from your new website.

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